II Wolfenstein: The New Colossus on the Switch

Perhaps Switch about Nintendo already said it all, not once. We were talking about exclusives about transfers such things as DOOM and, regarding iron, console surprised again and again. But while that was not a real port, which would have made it clear that it will be able to jump higher than their predecessors, and become a real alternative to other more traditional machines. Since the GameCube, players had to agree to reduced and modified creations, third-party developers. The Wii always went separate, own variations of the hits, a little like the primary product. On 3DS, where power and less had the same sacrifice visuals and gameplay. But II Wolfenstein: The New Colossus makes it clear that the days of compromise behind.

Back our favorite option to take, a gun in each hand.
DOOM already said it, but being a new game, not producing such a “wow” effect. But II Wolfenstein: The New Colossus came out recently (in the future we were promised a simultaneous launch of such things), and became the first real blockbuster (sorry, Sonic Forces), which was released on Switch and other platforms. But what have we got? Pathetic stump masquerading as the full version, or a fantastic port that exists because of some miracle?

“Miracle” might be a strong word, but sometimes otherwise the results of the work of Studio Panic Button not to describe. Again and again, they take up the “impossible” projects, due to which is famous for their ports – even when we praised the guys who do this thankless job?

II Wolfenstein: The New Colossus – full version with PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here is the whole content and the entire story, but the knife went the level of graphics and frame rate. As a result, we got a thing that you can take with you to play on public transport or during lunch breaks. The home console you can insert into the dock and enjoy an even smoother picture.

The weapons in the game are very different from handguns to shotguns and futuristic guns.
But the question remains: how many developers have sacrificed to put their AAA hit on a device the size of a tablet? Someone will say – very much. I will not be so critical. As in the case of DOOM, you need to look objectively at things and understand that without a severe downgrade is not to rotate. And careful from the first seconds can lament the fact that the picture of the soap, and loved by many fans of shooters 60 FPS is evaporated. But such people, loving to consider the pixels under the microscope, and not have to buy Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. If their pleasure depends on the letter combinations like 4K and 8K, the Panic Button works only will be annoying. But all the others are likely not to wince and admire.

From the first minutes II Wolfenstein: The New Colossus becomes clear the main is a complete game. Even though it is much newer than DOOM, made it even better – perhaps the experience of the developers came to the court. Yes, the eyes clung to low-quality textures and sometimes fuzzy picture, but the main thing – the gameplay – was pleased immediately. In the case of DOOM, which is much faster, drop the framerate seemed to be a solemn sacrifice, but it’s not here. This is due to the more stable FPS, which fall very rarely. The gameplay is quick, dynamic and has as much fun as the other versions. The account of polygons and the screen resolution doesn’t matter if the game is terrible and Vice versa. The main thing that distinguishes the II Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is a factor of the fan, and to sacrifice was not necessary.

Sigrun, daughter of the antagonist, is one of the most interesting new characters, and a source of great humor.
Very interesting to read how some of my colleagues claim that in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is advised to play in TV mode and portable mode – in fact, the main reason to buy – you need to stay away, they say, is still too unstable there. I wanted to recommend a reverse – play on the go, anywhere! So any graphics victims become insignificant – and helps the delight of AAA games on such a device and a small screen that hides the artifacts and “myltse.” In the same TV too naturally becomes a low resolution (higher than 720p, the picture does not jump). However, it is possible to play as anything, but the Pro Controller undoubtedly will improve the impression of the firing.

The technical aspects are significant, but what the game itself? II Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is a sequel called The New Order, and includes all the characters from there. Alas, the first Switch is not yet listed, so if you haven’t played it, you have to get acquainted with the world in a small Intro in the beginning. However, to understand the idea of the series is simple – it’s a misinterpretation of the book “The Man in the high castle” written by Philip K. dick. We control the protagonist William Blaskowitz, who is once again ready to face the hordes of Nazis. Billy is a typical representative of the dying species muscular hero: he Neubauer, fearless and incredibly nimble. From time to time you can hear his internal monologue far more emotional than you expect.

The typical pattern for Wolfenstein.
The setting this time was made by the United States, and because of the period, much here is reminiscent of the series Fallout. The rest is a classic shooter from MachineGames. This Studio is one of the best if not the best when it comes to single-player shooters, and their latest creation only confirms this reputation. Play in portable mode can be a little more difficult due to the small analog sticks, but here the problem was solved elegantly by adding the ability to control gyroscope. It can be activated in the settings. Switch is the only console that uses this method of control, which is strange – it is time that others would learn from Nintendo, which popularized the gyroscopic sight by the first Splatoon.

Starting the first mission to the last, II Wolfenstein: The New Colossus not disappoint. This attraction, fireworks show, and a logical development have long been not a new genre. Version to Switch to something inferior to other, but its advantages are similarly undeniable. After the release of this title, it can be argued that the console is wholly Mature and has acquired a sufficient number of games for players of all tastes and preferences. And given that the Panic Button has already promised us a new big announcement, you can be sure – the game will not stop.

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