Guide to play Counter-Strike 1.6

Know all about series command online shooter Counter-Strike. Some people prefer popular nowadays Global Offensive, someone not to tear off from Source, and someone certainly decided to recall childhood and re-mastering the vastness of CS 1.4. But today we will talk about another version of this legendary game, namely CS 1.6 version truly deserved the status of the classic shooter of our age. But how to start the game in Counter 1.6 beginner? Let’s face it.

This version is perfect for beginners, but the experienced players would like it as, after all, this is the classic version of the game, while including interesting non-standard cards such as cs_discounter and other. The Assembly includes the most intelligent to date bots CFG and it professionally configured.

First cs 1.6 is not much different from any other shooter, control is standard, WASD, mouse left button – primary fire, right is secondary. Here, in General, problems should not arise. As for the shooting, then you should surprise her precision, no mouse smoothing in the game is actually not, it means that the sight is attached to your rodent as good as if would have nailed him to it with nails. This fact allows enough exercise to achieve such precision, to hang head-shots from opposite ends of any card using the standard gun of the special forces.

As for the physics in Counter-Strike 1.6, only what she covers in the game is the players themselves. Other objects in the game usually fixed, which in General is good – no distractions, only the game. Gravity, however, is very interesting. When falling from a sufficient height it will certainly kill you, but if the earth is at least a millimeter layer of water, You will not lose interest and health. Seriously, try it yourself. At least to jump from the 10th floor, you drop to a small puddle, drop, like it never happened. This rule is very useful to use for example to quickly rush in Aztec, the bottom of which flows a small stream.

Another interesting point: almost all the walls in cs 1.6 to be exposed. What do we have? A good opportunity to destroy the enemy without visual contact. What we can do? The sound of footsteps – the main symptom of the approaching enemy. The sound of footsteps in the game you can navigate to such an extent that literally battling enemies headshots through walls. Again – practice, just practice.

And most importantly where to start the game, it boots. Don’t even try to go on any server if one of your first runs. First, you will die like a fly, and secondly will cause universal outrage ignorance of the rules and their nomisma third spoil their nerves and decide to throw the COP, depriving themselves of exceptional fun in the future. So, the first thing after starting up, choose the tab “New game”, set the bot difficulty down and forward into one of the standard cards.

How to learn a little to understand the rules and stuff frags, put the difficulty abruptly and so until you get to the most difficult degree. After that, I gained confidence in myself, open the tab “Find server” and feel free to choose one of the community. But in General, more practice and you will succeed! Contra 1.6 is one of the most fun ways to pass the time, not to mention how she is able to tighten. Sure, having become acquainted with her better will spend one night in this acclaimed team shooter.

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