Guide to Hybrid Wars. Characters, leveling, weapons

I love it when indie games surprise me. Even nicer when they surprise you so much that I’m in them longer than in DOOM coming just so freshly. Hybrid Wars is this – a cross between a dozen different projects together, while unique and with its own flavor. Not devoid of flaws, but fun and exciting. This game is a sin not to write some guides! What I actually take now.

Experience is earned for killing enemies and completing tasks in the missions. And for the murder is given much less experience than the task. Missions you can replay, with the exception of the first, and to experience again and again. If you want farm some creeps so the skills I recommend as quickly as possible to perform tasks, and to fight only with the priority objectives – for example, tanks, for them the experience is given is palpable.

Explore the map for new robots or for bonus rounds. Different characters do it in different order, but I’ll stop connecting. So, the blue barracks always leave behind a definite bonus. Priority targets leave the bonus more often, and the usual goal occasionally. The infantry was also not able to jump with the jetpack on a high building, and this requires the use of robots.

Skills in Hybrid Wars can be reset at any time between missions, which allows you to better adapt to the passage. For example, in some cases you need to vbuhali all the secondary weapons, it is sometimes advantageous to use a robot commando. Reset skills, among other things, working on technique.

However, if you want to download only infantry, and they have to fight – pumping active only for that type of equipment in which the hero is, whether the mode of infantry, a helicopter or a plane. However, under certain situations, the level can to the tank and, for example, and the infantryman inside. This occurs most often when performing tasks – rather, the experience is calculated separately in both the scale of pumping.

Alex Carter

The most boring, as for me, the character. Despite its chic appearance – again, very similar to a clone from Republic Commando – chic and basic gun with serious homing and splash, as well as the fact that for survival he has almost no equal, he is weak in attack. Capture opponents EMP grenades a good first mission because the allied troops to die, and the stun has no effect on really dangerous opponents. The good thing is that it regenerates over time, which can be reduced to 18 seconds. No other character is anything like it can not do.

In robot mode Alex is nothing sensible shows since his machine guns, though rapid-fire, but pretty weak, and the secondary attack missiles are slow, as are missiles. And if they had higher damage, it would be possible to speak about competition, but it is standard. Total Carter on a top-pumping is best suited to fans not to die almost never, however, fans krasilova not.


Here it has to be better. Its main feature is avtobuska, which eventually gains rate. When pumping more critical shots in the technique not even to sit – and certainly not to let go of the mouse button! Drone shield provides increased survivability in the beginning of the battle, and additional fire missiles ignites the target, dealing lingering damage. Not very strong, but it is enough to briefly knock the restoration of the shield of the enemy at long range.

His robot has a rapid-fire machine gun and a dual rocket launcher, allowing to produce high-speed missiles with a decent rate – maybe the highest in the game. The trouble is that they fly from the top down, and to destroy the enemy in close combat they have to wag his tail, like a Seagull maniac. Yes, the same, leaving no witnesses kind of gulls, of which nobody knows.

Tactics a character is holding down button “Fire” the gun. No special tricks there. Is it possible to wait in a secluded place, still recovering shields, and before the next battle again to spin the machine gun.

Jason Statkevich Wood

Unremarkable in appearance fighter with a balanced gun like rate of fire, and splash, and the drone picks up bonuses from afar, allowing continued fire without the distraction of a lute. The main strength of character is the ability to pick up weapons from the corpse of enemies. They leave not exactly the same, but as close as possible to what can be found on the Union technique. That is, railgun, mortar with great power, Tesla cannon and so on…

Robot wood is also extremely interesting. He has two shotgun instead of machine gun, which is much more economical on the cartridges and not really inferior to other guns in the efficiency due to the strong damage with splash. Intermediate utility with homing and a kind of trajectory, so shoot from behind cover quite a really.

Total we have quite a versatile frame that’s so good, how tough the enemies he killed. It is important to remember that the weapons the enemy drops only when he kills them wood, so either work with technology or have fun with infantry – there is no third.


Lightweight robot, the first in the list of opened types of equipment. Easy he was in every sense, it is faster and more compact than the standard models for the characters, however well-armed. The feature of the robot is that the map is scattered with different model – the same applies to other types of equipment which does not fall from heaven as unauthorized UN bombing of weak on the intestines of the pigeon. Also do not forget that this technique respawned, and very quickly.

The point is that in different parts of the map are the robots with different weapons, a primary and a secondary. In the first case it is a machine gun, dual machine gun, heavy machine gun and Blaster cannon, in the second – all kinds of rockets, railgun and of course the mortar, which I recommend taking in any case. Full pumping allows the Hunter to leave him to patrol the area and become invisible, if he has full shields. And invisibility does NOT fly, if not to RAM and attack the shock jump. Plus – a super-weapon jamming is very good 95% of the targets.


Sorry, of course it’s “the Firebird”, just want to fly assault pepperoni paired with pineapple and armor-piercing-explosive olives… But jokes aside. The Firebird is the first in-game representative of the aircraft, and perfectly gives an idea about the benefits of flying. The weapon has the same range as that of the “Hunter”.

The main advantage of the helicopter is a powerful super attack in the form of bombing huge areas two carpet bombing. Powerful, stylish, youth. The biggest drawback of the aircraft – missiles from ground targets, which beat well, very painful. And the Firebird over time reduces the damage to a minimum.


The APC in all its glory, a light tracked vehicles with good rate of fire and accurate gun, and good missiles. The advantages of box – possibility of fast RAM and a terrible survivability, good speed and absence of appreciable slowing down when shooting. And just like in Ex Machina!

After pumping the resulting, primarily, crit as Ivan, with a rate as Ivan, makes the gun as good as Ivan. Autogeneration shields too useful, the rocket is also well pumped, and superudar – shelling on the circumference causes the residual fire damage. Funny thing is, in General, though not able to jump.


Heavy tank on the four stand-alone tracks. The most tenacious of wheeled transport, such as fast as the Stalker, but as for me, the most boring – although the design had a m-m-m, Helvetica lick!

Dragon, like I said, utterly tenacious and fast, but the attack is not particularly shines with his avtopushka with a great splash causes moderate damage, and missiles are very strong. Pumping does not produce tangible differences. Moreover, after five minutes of the game after the appearance of the tank we see the best technique in the game called…


Heavy robot. Always a standard weapon. Even without pumping, it’s just the anger of the Lord – hardy, maneuverable due to the džetpaka, and deadly at the expense of weapons. Two machine guns, like the Dragon, tearing to shreds an easy technique, but the main strength of the robot – cluster missiles, giving five explosions in one place with the radius of the explosion as the mortar. Moreover, these missiles can be “recharged”, releasing up to four pieces in a single volley, and if we maintain the mouse at this time, it is possible to distribute the point of contact almost all over the screen.

Pumping adds the Peacekeeper shield against those who like to shoot on rear-wheel drive, fire splash attack after landing, and more rockets! Seriously, just for the missiles, I recommend that robotic bastard and take it, it is phenomenally cool. Interestingly, the Peacemaker is in last place technique, though open to the second representative aircraft, the name of which…


This is the most original technique – not in appearance, because Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and gameplay. As Peacemaker, Ghost always the same weapons – Blaster with homing and splash, as well, and this is key – the ability to parachute in the right place turrets. They are not very strong, but at the moment of landing cause significant damage, and its appearance can make confusion in the ranks of the enemy. A Ghost can become invisible and already on takeoff has a full stock of shields of invisibility, and besides, he can dismount the turret.

Pumping adds turrets, shields, and amount of damage, and the Ghost in the form of a stunning strike gets the ability to stun almost all enemies in a radius of a few tens of meters for five seconds! This is enough to turrets dismantled a medium size army to pieces. Plus the first shot from stealth deals very solid damage.

To describe the topography of each of the levels I don’t plan to, because in their study is one of the advantages of the game. So, the guide comes to an end. Don’t forget to come back for the full review of Hybrid Wars, to participate in the draw as many as ten keys of the game, and remember – we do not support, we REALLY appreciate your feedback!

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