G2A-digest: the greatest hits for 1 Euro and less

Doubt the quality? Just look at the names. And I remind you that the cost of EACH game in the collection either less or a little more than €1.

The first part F. E. A. R. was an incredibly fun shooter with AI that is smarter than 85% of my opponents in online shooters 99% of the allies there. Highest dynamics, great weapon, stunning effects of light – that’s why we love F. E. A. R.!

The second part is a little inferior to the first. Shooting fun, although the bots are a bit diminished in speed, graphics have become chic and stylish, the effects are sounding in all directions, monotonous mazes from the first part are now correctly balanced excellent design outer space. Oh, and reloading the assault rifle gives me a mental orgasm. The link provided. The cost of Steam of $9.99.


Rarely in the modern world we are allowed to play for the really bad guys are bad without any conditionalities. And Lucius one of those games. In it we take control of Omena from the corresponding movie, and they begin to create unnecessary jobs.

And obscene in the worst sense – we kill the others, pretending to be a maximum of an innocent lamb. And depending on player skills, it is possible to arrange the real massacre, because in such cases decides not brute force, but a sharp, poisonous intellect. Here is the link. The cost of Steam at $6.99.

Railroad Tycoon 3

For many it is a childhood game. Not for me, I was really into the SimCity and Alpha Centauri. Besides, I never could understand the fascination with this train-themed – even the planes were interesting. However – Railroad Tycoon 3.

Some would call the best game in the series, and someone will be right. Someone thinks its a childhood game and someone has that right. Someone purchase the game for less than a Euro, and someone will win! The link provided. The cost of Steam – $2,49.

Death Rally

Play the movie? Film the game? And here and there, a remake of the game in 1996, the first draft Remedy Software! And for a budget release it’s very entertaining thing. In a nutshell, the race with pumping and very aggressive drivers. If longer, then…

Guns, drugs, money, shooting, dasmatze, bots, bosses. Yet it is a port from tablets, so the arcade games visible. However, for its genre and its price this is a great option. The link provided. The cost of Steam at $6.99.

Shadow Complex Remastered

This frame is interesting. First, it is a remake of the old games, like Death Rally. Secondly, it is hardly a budget release. Thirdly, it is something like metroidvania, that is, the continuation of the study cards. And fourthly, it is from the makers of Infinity Blade.

That is, we have a game on the Unreal Engine, with the study, the 2.5 D environment, some gameplay features and the possibility of a speedrun. Recommended to all nostalgic – here is a link to purchase. The cost of Steam of $9.99.

Dangerous Golf

The most controversial game in the collection. It is necessary to first destroy a certain number of objects… with a Golf ball, and then drive it into the hole. To arrange a obscurantism in the kitchen, the Museum, wine cellars and even a bunch of places, even in the luxury toilets!

The trouble Dangerous Golf in the same what the trouble with No Man’s Sky is too little content for its price on Steam, and it is equal to of $12.59. But it’s on Steam and not on G2A.com! I think the hint is clear… The link attached.


When the creators of the delightful Gothic realized that they have taken the rights to the series, they decided to create another Gothic, but not to call it Gothic, but Risen. This gameplay, complexity, and General concepts of the games are almost identical, differ in a tropical setting and the number of pirate Chicks per square meter.

Same city, same combat system, same interesting characters and very, very harsh locations. And damn, but it’s not an insult but a compliment. It’s all the same, what re one of the best games in the genre of action-RPG again. I would even say, the right and finished Gothic 3. With the link attached! The cost of Steam is us $7.99. Go and buy yourself something…

Massive Chalice

Tim Schafer and his team young’s Double Fine Studios – the God of game design. From under their pen out Psychonauts, Day of the Tentacle, Broken Age, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango and Massive Chalice grasps the magnificence of the does not lose. Almost…

This is a very stylish attempt by Tim to create your own X-COM, and it worked! Not providing strategic depth, Massive Chalice allows you to create new fighters using the marriage, the duration of the game is 300 years old (not real, thankfully), and small flaws in the interface kompensiruet, it did a job on him late Peter Molyneux. Sorry, the Russian language there. The link attached. The cost of Steam of $12.59.


It’s funny – while I was writing this collection, the original game was removed from Steam and G2A too, and link started to Warmastered Edition. The cost is also increased two and a half times, and now only four times less than in the shop of uncle Gabe. Just…

The re-release of this game was included in the list of the best in 2016, and at the time of output is sold at a reasonable price, and on sale was cheap. On G2A it has maintained its low cost still. The link provided.

As you can see, the game quality, well-known and very affordable purse. If you like it – wait for the second part! If not, can not wait, it will still be.

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