Forget about the mouse. Why Destiny 2 should buy for the console

Console shooter Destiny for a long time agitated the minds of gamers from the PC (and Nintendo). Such exclusive shooter on a console not so much, and the project was so large that no wonder could not. There’s a popular developer Bungie, and big production with famous actors. Modern graphics, completely new fantastic world – how not to stare? Destiny 2 will be available on all platforms. But what to choose?

Today, the sixth of September, Destiny 2 is officially launched in the world. We have heard many good things about this version. Many experienced players already in anticipation, because the shooter made (especially for us) to take the genre more computer. And I’m sure a PC version is unlikely to disappoint. But today we will talk about why the console version will not only delight, but also can be the best.

The debate about the most powerful the platform is meaningless: always wins PK, where there is no power strap. For this reason, Destiny 2 will look better on a modern computer. Not surprising, the PS4 and Xbox One are no longer cutting-edge machines and PlayStation 4 Pro with extra power still can not run the game in 4K at 60 fps, although the HDR support is promised via patches. About Xbox One X is yet unknown, but the game will have to work on it better thanks to more efficient hardware.

Even if you have not a new PC, there’s a chance that the game will run on it better. There is no question: PC will always win. But how important is the look of the game? Of course, if this is the most important aspect for you, then Yes, then read no sense. But if not, let us reason together, for whatever reasons, the version on the PlayStation 4 may be the best.

Bungie is developing Destiny 2 for consoles

Yes, the shooter genre of computer originally, but the famous developer Bungie is almost always made games only for consoles. On Halo they worked from 1999 to 2013 – only on Xbox. The last time something for the PC, they did in the mid-nineties. And Destiny 2 is no exception. It’s a console game.

It is no secret that Bungie themselves work on the PC version do not store – it is Vicarious Visions, which is also owned by Activision. Yes, in interviews, the developers have repeatedly stated that the port is no one “delegate”, but rather done in partnership with Vicarious Visions. According to them, this is not a port, but just another version on the PC. And Yes, beta testers will confirm the game is good, and even impressive.

This is all great, but let’s not forget that the “real” Creator of the game and a master of the genre is Bungie. And they, as we have seen, do version on the console – that is, it is this version of the flagship and the main.

We don’t yet know how to the child on the PC will include in the Studio. Maybe for them it is just as important. Maybe not. And if PC version for them, not the main, then after a time you will see, as the console counterparts are getting better.

Don’t underestimate exclusive features and release date

The console version is already available, but on PC the game will come only on October 24. Big gap for online play. By the time the players are on the consoles already pass the storyline campaign, deal with a new RAID and gain the coveted loot.

Nor do we know about the release dates of DLC. They were asked, but in response – silence. This means that part of the content gamers on the PC can also be left behind. Don’t forget – Vicarios Visions need to adapt the content for the consoles after its development. It can not affect the whole process. Of course, there’s a chance that everything will work like a well-oiled mechanism, but may have to watch enviously at friends with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It may seem that the waiting period is not so terrible, but it will split the community. Many franchise fans, and for them the idea of waiting is terrible. A large part of the devoted fans will buy the console version. And buying, it is likely to remain. And why not? In the end, they are already used to playing on consoles. Come play at one time – they may have tried to play with the mouse. And so… why try.

By the way, the PlayStation 4 exclusive exotic guns, which is not found anywhere else. Most likely, these buns the players will to continue thanks to an exclusive agreement. Want to get the most content as soon as possible? Choose PS4.

A PC version may suffer from cheaters

Destiny 2 is a MMO, in fact. Loot plays a very significant role. But not everyone is ready to spend tens of hours to get the exotic Arsenal. Will be willing to cut and get all the good unfairly.

When the first Destiny, Bungie is too slow patchily numerous problems like broken AI or the legendary “loot cave”, where, if you stand still, you can constantly pick up new loot. Was a real hysteria when everyone was trying to find the cave until they are fixed.

On the same PC problems will be much greater. Will hacked saves, and automated bots for farming resources.

Even for a short period such exploits are capable of inflicting a serious blow to the ingame economy and prevent honest players. Bungie must be willing to work on patches for the PC. It is known that to control the game on the PC is much harder than on consoles, where cheat problem practically does not exist. What is really there, remember to only the first Battlefront, which dramatically suffered from cheaters on the PC. Many were told that often it was impossible to play. At the same time, this was not on consoles. A lot here depends on the efficiency of the developer, but the problems are, and that’s a fact.

Excellent control on consoles may not be transmitted version on the PC

The first Destiny came with many challenges. Sad story campaign, a boring story, problems with the levels… however, there were also many pluses. Sit down system Lutov and awards, exciting PvE content and nuanced gameplay. Precise – weapon control. Bungie worked on Halo, and I know how to create a gorgeous sci-Fi guns. To play Destiny just felt… good.

But will the control as good on a PC? Shooters on PC and consoles a lot alike, but the best console shooters designed specifically for controllers. They are perfectly balanced and manages many of the system aim.

There is no secret that auto-aim plays a big role in Destiny. It is, thus, of several components: the scope “sticks” to the enemy, and also slows down and bullets slightly “magnetized”, that is, if you missed a little bit, the game counts that as a hit. When the system you seem so much better than it actually is.

Each fly has its own statistical modifiers that affect the level of auto-aiming. Many perks also apply to this system. It developed and perfected mechanics. When Bungie balances the guns, their stats are relatively auto-aim seriously affect the game.

Because PC players use a mouse, which guarantee higher accuracy in the game, it is unclear whether they need all the auto-aiming. The PC was much changed in this aspect. The gun felt very different. Perks, of course, remains, but it is unclear how they differ from the version for consoles. Maybe the modifiers and all will be useless on a PC without auto-aim. Most confirms: shoot for the PC version is nice, but the game feels different.

Prior to the game on the PC there is still time, and the developers have promised that will understand with all problems. It is important to note the fact that the PC has controller support. But you will play against opponents with more precise control. Yes, the game has auto-aim, but many consider it a cheat. It is clear that experienced players will still dominate, even over those who “help” the AI, so the question of balance remains. This problem simply does not exist on consoles, where there is complete parity between the players.

Afraid that the other control will have a major impact on the balance of the guns. So, slow but powerful gun can be useful (or OP) than the consoles. It’s hard to judge in the beta.

There is no denying the fact that controlling guns is the most important issue, but it deals with the main developer and a third party Studio.

To wait or not to wait?

When we talk about versions on console and PC, like are we talking about one game, and like or not. Yes, this the same game essentially, but that’s on the consoles we know for sure that you will get Destiny, only better, and what we get on PC not quite clear. Whether the game is balanced correctly, will there be protection against cheaters, how often and how quickly will receive updates and DLC? Here it is necessary to believe not only in Bungie, but in another an affiliate the Studio.

Destiny 2 on PC remains a mystery. Bungie is a console developer with experience in console games, not PC. The collaborative process can not be set. Both versions have pros and cons, and we talked. To wait or not to wait? To buy both versions? Only you can decide.

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